IDC are uniquely positioned to offer hosted options for our products

We can manage and oversee the infrastructure, software and administrative tasks of medical data in a secure NHS grade N3 environment.

We can supervise the maintenance of IT systems, allocate the hardware costs and we can provide specialist technical support. The hosted option also provides important security and backup facilities – critical for healthcare clinics.


  • IDC are totally IGSoC compliant
  • Total confidence about data security – the servers we manage are used by the NHS
  • Regular encrypted backups are taken automatically
  • Redundancy provision with 24/7 generator support and remote offsite backup storage

Ease of use and lower your costs

  • Freedom from local hardware costs and maintenance costs
  • Fully automated results from pathology labs are available
  • Provides a platform for nationally centralised reporting as well as locally
  • Servers are fully managed and supported by IDC
  • Faster upgrades and changes to the software
  • Users can expect the same high level of responsive technical support that they already enjoy with SHERPA


We have extensive experience in providing hosting services and we currently host data for a number of NHS Trusts, including:

  • Bedfordshire SPHERE clinics – comprising 13 GP practices
  • GP Ref, IDC’s referral tool used by clinicians, doctors and consultants throughout the East of England
  • Data for Public Health England’s GUMCAD v.3 pilot


There are a range of options available. Please contact us to find out what would suit your needs.