How secure is our data?

Working with the NHS and Primary Care Trusts means that IDC have to satisfy stringent information governance standards. We have a fully codified policy ranging from data protection and confidentiality issues through to password policy and information security. What’s more, when you use our software on laptops no data is actually stored on them but is instead sent to a central database — which means our clients have total data protection.

We would like to enhance some of the product features. Is that possible?

Yes, it is. The fundamental idea of all our software is that the package grows as each new organisation enhances it – which is why we are totally unique in the industry.

Can we try before we buy?

Although we don’t offer a pre-purchase solution, we are happy for you to visit one of our many satisfied customers who have offered to act as reference sites.

We don’t have the budget for a big, one-off, capital expense. Are there other pricing options?

There are various ways of paying for our software, and we can also offer various pricing options. We’re constantly working to give you the best deal and we update our price lists regularly to reflect this. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Are we going to need to buy new computers to install an application of this scale?

Typically, no. Client machines usually do not require anything more than an interface to the server, where most of the database work is done. The server will need to meet a minimum set of specifications set out in our Technical User Manual, which we are happy to talk you through.

If you have any other queries, please do get in touch.