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Innovating patient management

SHERPA is a client record database, appointments booking system, and a reporting tool. Its innovative and customisable features make it the first and only patient management system of its kind.

Whether you’re a Local Authority, Charity Organisation, Private Healthcare Provider, Clinical Commissioning Groups, or Polyclinic providing sexual health services, SHERPA ensures that patient care and clinic services are managed effectively.

The paperless clinic

SHERPA enables clinics to run in a truly paperless environment. All of the key medical notes can be collected, and reported, and SHERPA’s adaptable clinic proformas can be tailored to suit exactly the data required. Plus, files can be attached for signed or written notes.

National and local reporting

SHERPA specifically caters for both local and national reporting needs – providing mandatory datasets for both Local Authority returns, as well as those required by the Department of Health and Public Health England, is simple and straightforward.


SHERPA is the only system in the industry that is truly modifiable. Whether the user wants to customise a proforma by service, change the way information is viewed on screen, modify the reporting tools, re-arrange the drop down options, or change the referral options by location – SHERPA has been built with adaptability in mind.

Data quality

The design of the system ensures that only accurate data can be input, which guarantees that the reporting quality is rich in detail. It also means peace of mind that due diligence can be followed and audit trails are secured in place.

NHS compliant, safe, secure and hosting options

SHERPA is compliant with NHS Information Governance standards and DH requirements. It can operate within the NHS national broadband network (N3) hosted environment, meaning that if you opt for a hosted solution with IDC, SHERPA will save you the worry and costs of local security and hardware concerns.

Opting for a hosted solution with IDC also means that your records are protected, patient security is preserved, and data quality is maintained.

We ensure that all our clients are trained and kept informed of software developments, keeping you on track in the market.

Management intelligence

SHERPA offers at-a-glance, dashboard reporting at the click of a button. SHERPA also provides detailed and comparative reporting, so that the performance of different sexual health centres can be interrogated side by side, as well as centre by centre reporting at a national level – providing vital information to commissioners and managers.

Save time and money – and increase innovation and productivity

We know that identifying savings to reinvest into patient care and service provision is one of the most challenging targets facing the healthcare sector. The advantage of SHERPA is simple: it will save time and money.

Our insight, experience and consultancy with working groups in the industry mean that we develop our systems and applications in-line with the sector, and we know how to adapt SHERPA to the changing needs of an organisation, supporting innovation.