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Intuitive, easy to use and fully customisable

SHERPA has been designed to support the practical, every day management of a clinic. We’ve worked closely with healthcare professionals to understand what is needed from a patient management system, how it is used practically, and where time savings could be made. As a result, SHERPA is intuitive, accessible and, it includes a host of features that make a big difference to the user:

  • Appointment booking and monitoring is available
  • Patient information is easy to find
  • Data entry is fast, with minimal clicks
  • Scanned documents can be attached to patient records
  • Detailed patient profiles with comprehensive medical notes are available
  • Electronic forms from existing proformas can be created promoting a paperless office
  • Automated results from the pathology lab can be received
  • Alerts and exception results can be set up
  • Automatic stock control for medicines management
  • SHERPA can be accessed via a Tablet
  • Enhanced audit trail for medico-legal peace of mind