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IDC’s Pedigree

Over 20 year’s experience

IDC have been engineering innovative and dynamic data collection tools in the sexual health sector for many years. We work with the Pregnancy Advisory Service, Brook, Terrance Higgings Trust, NHS Trusts and Local Authorities as well as enhanced GP services. We are at the forefront of sexual health reporting tools and provide accurate and easy to produce outputs for SRHAD, GUMCAD and Payment by Return. More than this, we have been involved at the start of the pilots for each of these dataset requirements, and are now represented in the British Association for Sexual Health and HIV (BASHH) IT group. We are also working with Public Health England (PHE) piloting changes to the new GUMCAD v3 data set.

Forging links and strategic partnerships with other providers such as Fit!Systems, the IT company who produce Care CSP used within the National Chlamydia Screening Program, enables us to enhance our offering to include automated results from pathology labs.

Industry insight

Our positioning and involvement within important DH pilots and the BASHH IT group allows us to anticipate changes and adapt SHERPA long in advance. This means we don’t need to make sudden alterations and software rollouts to cater for unforeseen circumstances. This sets us apart in the IT industry.