IDC offer a range of consultancy services

Advising on IT infrastructure

We have vast technical knowledge and an unparrelled understanding of what organisations need – and want – from their IT systems. We have advised businesses from local councils and third sector organisations, to larger SMEs:  organisations who are all keen to ensure that they get the best value from their IT systems, and that they develop the right business processes. We can help you to:

  • Appreciate exactly what you need from your systems
  • Interrogate whether your organisation is fully optimising your current systems
  • Understand how your IT could be improved – and at what cost
  • Learn how to tender for and brief new IT projects


Understanding the flow of IT projects

Managing an IT project can be a daunting process, particularly if you are responsible for a large financial budget. IDC can support you by sharing our knowledge and expertise of software development, before you even start the project.

We can provide the project team with a ‘road map’ of a standard IT project – laying out the expectations of how the activity will run over time and explain the various milestones, pitfalls and tricks of the software trade, such as:

  • Establishing what software best suits your needs
  • What you can expect from a software company
  • Understanding how much it will cost
  • How you can measure ‘success’
  • How long it will take
  • What should be included in the T&C’s of the contract to protect your organisation


New business start-up consultancy – offering IT and business advice to the uninitiated

IDC was a new business start-up, and over the years we’ve grown and adapted as our business has grown; and now we can share our experiences with you. From creating effective sales and marketing models, strategies for implementing the right IT infrastructure, through to how to improve technical support – we have first-hand experience that offers real insight into the sometimes complicated world of new business.


Data Migration

Once in every while an organisation will need to change IT systems. This can range from buying a new server to a complete overhaul of existing recordkeeping systems.

A part of this process may involve moving your data from an existing system to a new format. This may be a move away from a legacy system using Access or Excel into SQL Server or Oracle. Equally, you may be moving from a paper-based system to your first professional level database.

This may mean the transfer of tens, or even hundreds of thousands of records and it may include giving the data a good ‘spring clean’.

IDC can offer you full support and help in performing this type of data ‘migration’.

We can talk you through the various processes of data migration, so that you have a step by step guide and understand what to expect – saving you a lot of time, money and headache.


Database training

Whether you or your staff require one-to-one guidance or fully fledged tuition, we can offer you a comprehensive set of training and staff awareness sessions on a range of database related issues. Whether it be technical help in using a database package, advice on the safe storage of data, or guidelines on data protection, we are here to help.


If you would like to talk to us about any of our consultancy services, please contact us.