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Understand and be compliant in healthcare IT, with IDC

IDC have extensive experience of working in healthcare IT.

Our portfolio of products is enhanced by our hosted offerings, using NHS secure servers that operate in an IGSoC compliant environment. This means that we meet the strict guidelines necessary to store patient data. And through our know-how and expertise, we can help your organisation to become IGSoc compliant too.

What is IGSoC?

IGSoC ensures that records handling, patient confidentiality, information security, data protection and information quality are maintained across all health centres, GP practices, outreach clinics, hospitals, ambulance trusts and all other bodies affiliating to the NHS. The IGSoc looks at a range of procedures which help to protect patient confidentiality, such as:

  • Access control to networks
  • Safe and secure handling of paper records
  • Secure provision of backups and data storage
  • Physical security of offices
  • Maintaining a clear desk policy
  • Adhering to confidentiality policies
  • Mobile, home or tele-working procedures
  • Password management

Compliance to the IGSoC also evaluates an organisation’s ability to maintain these standards over time and to ensure that staff are kept informed and trained. Organisations are also subject to regular review and audits.

Obtaining compliant standards can be a daunting and time consuming task, but its benefits are paramount in establishing credibility and competency in medical IT.

How can IDC help?

We are already helping many of our clients to guide them through the issues of Information Governance.

Our services include:

  • Lectures to managerial staff on the key benefits and advantages of compliance
  • Staff training on how to meet the standards
  • Assistance in compiling the relevant documentation required.

IDC’s experience can be of immediate benefit. Please get in touch to see how we can be of help.